BMW 5 Series – First Impressions

Our First 5 Series

Myself and my Fiancée have been changing our cars recently due to a wild combination of events. I got my GTI after several years of wanting one. After a couple of weeks trying to manage sharing it, we decided we needed another car. We searched the internet and looked at everything out there before settling on an executive car.

We went to view the car and both of us test drove it to make sure we were happy with it. We got the car for a great price too! I’ve been driving the car a lot over the past few weeks and I have to say, I love it! It is a dream to drive on longer journeys. It is a pre facelift model, but that doesn’t really matter much. The facelift model has an upgraded entertainment system which supports music through Bluetooth, but an AUX cable isn’t the end of the world!

It’s a 520d M-Sport. The M-Sport package is a must for me on a BMW. The half leather seats are amazing. It’s a low mileage car too, and the great quality of the interior really reflects that. Since it is a 2 litre engine in quite a large car it is a bit slow, but I don’t mind waiting a few more seconds before getting up to motorway cruising speed. The great benefit of the smaller engine is that it burns less diesel so that’s a win for me. My first experience of an executive car is a good one and I am looking forward to trying some others in the future!

My First Volkswagen

I recently purchased a MK5 GTI. It’s great fun to drive! Before that I had an E46 318CI (which I still have). The BMW was only about 150bhp, and quite a heavy car. The GTI is around the 200bhp mark and is a little rocket. I will put up some more details about the car soon!

Best food in Dundalk?

There was a big shock-wave sent through the restaurant world of the North East of Ireland last week when Fitzpatrick’s restaurant was forced to close it’s doors by the banks. Fitzpatrick’s was arguably the best food available in Dundalk and surrounding areas. In the town itself you will find a couple of pub restaurants gracing the top three on the website along with Fitzpatrick’s which sat in second place at the time of closure. “The Jockeys Bar” and “The Windsor Bar & Restaurant” sit at first and third place respectively on either side of Fitzpatrick’s.
Sitting just outside of the three favorites is a relative newcomer to the food scene in the area. I know that anyone who knows me will think I have shares in Atami Japanese restaurant but I don’t, I simply love the food! This isn’t the first post I’ve put up about this restaurant, but I just can’t help but share what there is to offer from this place.
Last Friday we went for lunch and when I saw what was in the Bento Box I just had to get it. The Bento Box is a great bargain on the menu. For €10.90 you get a nice two course lunch. The first course is a starter of Miso Soup. A few minutes later the Bento Box arrives. It’s quite a different method of delivering lunch to the average Irish person. This week’s box had Teriyaki Chicken, California Sushi Rolls, Chicken Dumplings and Egg Fried Rice. For anyone that is new to Japanese food, take note of the small square in the center of the box. The little piece of green paste is called Wasabi. Don’t just pick it up and eat it! It is quite spicy, similar to mustard. Pour some soy sauce into the center compartment and stir the Wasabi through it. You can then dip your sushi in it to give it an extra kick!
It’s great to see this restaurant doing so well and I hope it has many years success to come!